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What Is Re-Becoming Human?

Re-Becoming Human (RBH) is an online educational platform that supports you in addressing everyday oppression in a humanizing way - at the personal, relationship, and community level.

The Re-Becoming Human model provides a path and concrete practices for you order to heal from your oppressive past and co-create a liberating future, in loving community.

Developed by Sandra Kim, she teaches how being deeply mindful of the present moment, we can address everyday oppression with love and justice and transform them into opportunities for healing and liberation.

Who's Sandra Kim?

Sandra Kim is the Founder and Training Director of Re-Becoming Human and Founder and President of Everyday Feminism.

Sandra is dedicated to living into spiritual and social liberation in each and every moment and nurturing loving communities that support these intentions.

She shares key lessons from her own ongoing healing journey between internalized oppression and spiritual wholeness - as a person with multiple marginalized and privileged identities, as an organizational leader, and messy human being.

Sandra’s keenly aware that this healing journey was only made possible with the generosity and kindness of others. From the spiritual and wisdom teachers who have come before her to the relationships and communities that supported her as a whole person with inherent self-worth.

This leaves her committed to creating caring communities - both virtual and in-person - that can hold the space for each other’s humanities and liberation.

In short, Sandra wants to help each and every one of us to come home to ourselves again - to be the people you dream of being, the people you’ve always already been, deep down inside.

And with her help, hopefully you can do so on a faster timeline, with less pain, and with more joy!





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