Tea Time - for these burning times

~ an online healing circle for socially conscious people ~

During these burning times of coronavirus and state violence, how we show up to take care of each other is even more important than ever.

That's why, at Tea Time, you will:

  • Learn how to integrate healing into your everyday life with Sandra's personal stories of healing and transformation
  • Access feeling of calm and spaciousness with the grounding practices that help you return to your body 
  • Become aware of and care for you underlying feelings and unmet needs through the healing practices 
  • Identify action steps to help your loved ones and you care for each other during this pandemic

WHEN: This biweekly online healing circle will gather for one hour on Zoom:

  • Biweekly on Thursday's at 11 am PT / 2 pm  ET / 6 pm GMT

Upcoming sessions are on November 12th.

We'll be on pause starting Nov 26th (since that's Thanksgiving) and during December to allow time for Sandra to rest and recharge in the winter.

RECORDINGS: All sessions are recorded and available when you login to your program.

That way, you can watch them - when you can and when you need them.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you're deaf or hard of hearing and need an ASL interpreter to attend the live session, please let us know here. Our recordings of past sessions have closed captions.

What Participants Say

"When I’m doing the practices Sandra teaches, I don’t feel alone or without hope. I’m now able to be gentler, more self-caring, and more grounded in my beliefs and values - as opposed to being more reactive and self-righteous like before.

I’m better able to trust myself to make decisions that honor my feelings and needs. I am thankful beyond measure for Sandra teaching me how to move deeper into more truly being me and more peace loving. That is a gift I wish to share with everyone."

- J



"As someone who does a lot of anti-racism/anti-bias work, AND who struggles with a lot of anxiety, Tea Time with Sandra has helped me get out of my head so much. The short opening grounding practices alone are sometimes very useful at night before I'm trying to fall asleep!

Just knowing that the recordings are available for me when I need them, to listen whenever I am able has been helpful with my anxiety, healing and self-care as I continue to organize against oppression/oppressive systems."
- Sarah D

To Support This Healing Circle

We believe that healing work should both be financially accessible to those who want it and financially sustainable for those who offer it.

That's why Sandra accepts pay-what-you-can contributions for her online healing circle. This allows her to do work with local communities of color without needing to get paid, especially her work on transformative justice around sexual violence.

When you are a monthly contributing member of Tea Time with Sandra, you can join the live sessions and get access to all the past healing session recordings.

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