Hi, I’m Sandra - Here To Support You In Transforming Our World

As a spiritual healing guide for the collective liberation of all beings from systemic oppression, I can support you in healing from internalized oppression...

So you can embrace your sacred calling during this time of global burning and radical possibilities.

Will you join me and thousands of others working for our collective freedom?

1. Join a Collective Care Pod

Join our Collective Care Pod Course for BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & co-create a caring community around us - in service of our collective liberation.

Yes, I want to join a care pod! >>

2. Join the healing circle

Join Tea Time, a biweekly online healing circle that guides you through healing practices for navigating the pandemic and systemic oppression.

Yes, I want to get emotional support! >>

3. Gather with Other BIPOC

Join Grounding Gatherings, a biweekly online community space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) wanting to get grounded and connect with others during these burning times of police brutality and state violence.

Yes, I want to be with other BIPOC >>

4. Do a healing justice training for white allies

Join our Healing from Internalized Whiteness online training, which is for white allies wanting to do the inner work necessary to show up for racial justice.

Yes, I want to do this training! >>

5. Transform your workplace

Get the Liberating Organizations Training Handbook where you learn how to intentionally structure your organization to be anti-oppressive - and to support you in being your whole, authentic self at work. 

Yes, I want the handbook! >>

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